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Variety Pack

Exhibition Identity + Website + Print

VARIETY PACK is the exhibition branding identity for the VCU GDES Senior Show 2021 that has been developed, organized, designed, and lead by Archerd Aparejo, Jesse MacKenzie, and Alicia Kim. The visual qualities allude to the idea of card packs and the different versions of the same items found in grocery shelves. It is an acknowledgement of the variety in different design methodologies and work within the exhibition. The materials are produced by the Senior class divided into teams of exhibition promo, catalogue, opening event, and website design.

The VCU GDES Senior Show takes place online through this website. The website (designed and built by Archerd Aparejo) follows the visual qualities of the Exhibition identity such as the card pack structure throughout the student project navigation and individual student pages. A holographic CSS animation is also added to headers, titles, and key info throughout the site. Exhibition can be viewed on