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The book is hosted on a website that can be flipped through or viewed via pdf document. The website also hosts a gallery of all the images used in the book in jpeg format as well as a video series exhibiting the cover of the book in poster format around different areas of my house. This website was built in response to the state of art and accessibility today and how it has moved into a virtual context. Generally, finding a way to recreate a sense of physicality in an online space. View project at


Publication + Website + Imaging

Rosemarie.tyg is a book named after my mother. It is a response to the insufficiency of documentation. A treasury of food, plating, amusement, + memories in my home. And an interpretation of environment. This project presents a series of images and image-making using a collection of photos taken within my household. These photos are documentations of food and the time spent around the food such as cooking, talking, eating, shopping, and plating. Images are presented on materials found around my home. The image-making involves ink-jet printing, chlorophyll printing, stickers, ink transfers, scans, and general photography

Verbena's Apothecary

Imaging + Layout Design + Video + Packaging

Labels, page layouts, and video for Joselia Rebekah Hughes' edition for Doing Language : Word Work. Photos taken by David Hale.

Rituals Here

Editorial + Publication + Layout + Motion

Folded broadsheet that archives RITUALS HERE, a group exhibition featuring Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Ayana Zaire Cotton, agustine zegers, Ty Little, & Amaraise Cerreras.​

CCF Ramadan 2022 Card

Layout + Typography + Illustration

Folded Ramadan card for the Coalition of Civil Freedoms



Branding + Motion + Illustration +

Print + Digital

Posters designed for National Portfolio Day and Open House.

Publication + Website + Imaging

Exhibition Identity + Website + Print

Digital & Print Magazine + Website

Publication + Imaging

Video + Experimental

Poster Triptych + Print

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I am a graphic designer that loves working on publications, magazines, posters, websites, exhibitions, and motion work.


I also make stencils and spray paint. I've ruined too many shirts, sweaters, posters, and shoes with this hobby.


When I'm not designing, I'm probably cooking food I find on the internet, hanging out with friends/family, or watching/reading weird stuff (currently getting through Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.)

Archerd Aparejo

2022 Archerd Aparejo | Designed through Wix Playground Academy